Friday, July 11, 2008

Hijaabi Exerciser (Credit: Muslimah Connection)

Taking Care of Your Health - Even Totally Covered
It is so easy to find excuses for not exercising and not taking caring of yourself and your health - even though this should be important for all of us. Being covered - even in full-hijaab - does not prevent a woman from taking care of her health, exercising and making good food choices. By being inactive and not caring about what we eat puts us in danger. Obesity is not something to play with. Obesity is harmful and it can provoke serious disorders and obese people have from double to triple the probability of dying prematurely, compared to people with normal weight. Diseases linked to obesity are for example diabetes, bilary calculosis, respiratory insufficiency, nocturnal apnoea, cardiovascular diseases, arterial hypertension, arthrosis of backbone and of lower limbs and fertility anomalies. Also lack of exercise itself is a risk factor. The American Heart Association has suggested that lack of exercise raises heart disease risk. Even modest activity is said to lower the risks. So it's time to get moving sister! Another reason for lack of exercise may be the difficulty to find the time for exercise. If you have small children try to find some activity which you can do with your children (see tips below for suggestions). Or if you can wake up one hour or even half an hour earlier to get some "me time" for exercise and get the exercise done first thing in the morning. Or if you are married try to ask your husband to look after the kids 3-4 times a week so that you get the chance to take care of your health. If you haven't yet found your way to exercise you may be asking that what can I do fully covered if you are a hijaab-wearing sister. Here are some tips to consider: 1) Walking. Wearing hijaab does not prevent one from walking. This form of exercise is also suitable for mothers with young children - take the baby with you in a stroller, toddlers can walk for short distances. Walk to the park if you have one nearby. You can actually increase the amount of steps you take each day! 2) Women-only gym. Find out if you have a women-only gym in your town/city. 3) Exercising at home. This option actually includes several choices. You may want to consider investing in a stationary bike, cross-trainer (a.k.a. elliptical trainer) or treadmill if you just have the space for this kind of equipment in your home. You can also exercise at home without big machines and big investments. You can even do some exercise without equipment or with inexpensive equipment like dumbbells, exercise bands, jump rope, (weighted) body bar, fitness ball etc. Don't let your hijaab prevent you from exercing. Find the exercises you like and make taking care of yourself a priority. Exercising will give you more energy and it help you stay away from depression.

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