Friday, July 18, 2008

My Other Causes Throughout this Blog and Networking Amongst the Sisters!

as-Salaamu`alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuh!

Walhamdulillaah, My heart softens as a Muslimah and in saying this I need to let my readers know why they will see certain sites which they may ask - how did this get here? Yes, there's a site called "".. now what comes to mind? Dogs. Look further Brothers and Sisters it says Dogs and CATS! This amazing site donates food to animal shelters for both dogs and cats. Walhamdulillaah Allaah blessed me to have cats as I was unable to have children. This is an important cause - don't be afraid to look at the site. You just actually visit the site for the food to be given. Easy. Simple. And the child that developed the site is amazing, May Allaah give her hidayat, Ameen!

Next - anything and everything having to do with domestic violence I address. A cause extremely important to me and so you'll see a site in which you can donate up to 9 old cellphones and they'll send you the self mailing label etc for free. Please check this out!

A summarized statement from myself is as follows: Allaah blessed me to be a muslim walhamdulillaah and every single time I/you offer charity to someone who might not be a Muslim, whether it be holding a door, picking up a package, reaching for an item in a grocery store for someone who couldn't reach it - this is sadaqa and it is da'wah. Plain. Simple. Breaking down the misconceptions of Islaam is important in the West especially when they see a niqaabi walking down the street in 100 degree weather in New York City and they can't understand why.. it's easy.

Until the time that we have all of the social needs of Muslims existent within our own communities I will continue to bring under "other causes" links for your review, one old cellphone donated could save the life of a battered person, you just don't know. I am trying to start a network in which we can collect supplies of The Noble Qur'aan, no other translation -- The Noble Qur'aan only as we don't have enough to go around when we need to give it to someone, and we cannot assume every single person we run into has a computer. Sisters need to network more especially if they don't go to the conferences. People ask me, "Umm Salamah why weren't you there?" Simple. Non-Mahram. I don't cross state lines. So networking can be in the form of a telelink or a conference call and if it's a telelink that you want set up so Sister's can meet and discuss issues? Please contact me in shaa Allaah- I have a telephone number in the United States set up for this activity please make note:


Sister's only please!

Females only please!

Very simply put. Take Action. Don't Wait. Dont' say I should have, I could have, I would have -

SubhanAllaah.. life is too short and the Ummah is in need...

These links will never cost you money or causes that I present,

it will cost you your time to dial a phone or click on a link inshaaAllaah.

If you are female reader and have not yet embraced Islaam, May Allaah guide you, Ameen. If you are a Muslim May Allaah bless you, Ameen.

I thank you all for taking the time to read this entry and I remain in shaa'Allaah - Allaah's servant for the rest of my days -

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