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Al Athar Net - Listen to over Six Thousand Duroos'

With the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The One That Bestows His Mercy

Allah mentioned in His Glorious Quran: They believe in Allah and the Last Day; they enjoin what is right, and forbid what is wrong; and they hasten toward (all) good works, They are from the righteous(surah:13/114)
He Tabark wa Ta'la also said: They were quick in performing good deeds; they used to call on Us with love and reverence, and humble themselves before Us(surah: 21/90)

He also said in describing the believers: Verily they (believers) hasten in every good work, and these who are foremost in them(surah:24/61)

And many other verses of The Quran informing of and describing what a believer should be upon in racing toward good deeds and striving to benefit one another on the path to seeking the pleasure of Allah.

Our beloved Messenger -sallahu alahi wa salem- said: The one that guides to good is like the one who does/performs it (recorded by At Tirmidhi on the authority of Anas bin Malek and declared authentic by Al Albani in Ja'mi as Shageer #1605)

He also said: Whoever calls to guidance, he will have a similar/equal reward to that of everyone that follows him. Their (followers) reward will not be decreased in any way, and whomsoever calls to evil, he will have a similar punishment to the punishment of everyone that follows him, their punishment will not be decreased in any way (recorded by Muslim # 2674 on the authority of Abu Huraira) In an effort to perform good deeds and as an encouragement for my brothers and sisters in Islam, below is a link for a very beneficial salafi website.(ARABIC)

This site focuses on the duroos (classes) of our present day scholars. A student can listen to over

6 thousand recorded duroos by some of the senior scholars of our time.

Sheikh Abdullah Azeez bin Baz: 1,327 tapes

Sheikh Muhammed Nasir-deen al Albani: 752 tapes

Sheikh Muhammed bin Saleh al Uthameen: 4,461 tapes

Sheikh Saleh al Fowzan: 421 tapes

Sheikh Abdul Muhsin al Abaad: 744 tapes

Sheikh Saleh alaa Sheikh: 268 tapes


What makes this site so unique; is the fact that a student can actually follow the lessons, as if he is sitting with the scholar. The site places below every lesson what is present on each specific tape and the questions toward the end of the class. I firmly advise my brothers and sisters to take advantage of such site, keeping in mind that a person should use this site as a learning tool, not just for free listening. The majority of the tapes on this site are actual lessons and not mere speeches. One should also keep in mind that a site as such does not take the place of sitting with the scholars. A Muslim is strongly encouraged to travel and seek knowledge at the feet of the scholars, and not take tapes as a main source of seeking knowledge. May Allah give us the tawfeeq and strength to work toward what benefits us in this life and the next.

wa salam u alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Mustafa George Ruwais, United Arab Emirates


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