Friday, September 18, 2009

"How To Maintain As A Muslim Youth" presented by Troid October 4-6th Spread the word!!

Dates: Friday Oct. 2nd to Sunday Oct. 4th 2009

Location: Masjid al-Furqaan & Islaamic Centre (TROID) 874-A Weston Rd. Toronto, Canada (Weston/Black Creek)

Telelinks: TBA

Speakers: Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis


Abu Khadeejah 'Abdul-Waahid Alam (from Birmingham, UK)

Seminar Themes:

· The Fitnah of Being Muslim in High School/University

· Peer Pressure/Friends - Can Make/Break Your Islaam

· Using your Youth Wisely

· How the Salaf Spent their Youth

· Identifying the Middle Path Amidst the Multiplicity of Muslim Groups/Movements

· Sticking to the Jama'aah

· Seeking Knowledge and Travelling to Study

· Our Relationship with Our Parents: Honour, Respect and Good Da'wah


Schedule (Local & Online via Paltalk):


All Times EST (+5 BST -3PST -5 EDT)
13:30 Abu Khadeejah, Jumu'ah Khutbah
19:15 Abu Hakeem, Lecture 1
20:40 Abu Khadeejah, Lecture 1
Sat. Oct. 11th
14:00 Abu Hakeem Lecture 2
17:00 Abu Khadeejah Lecture 2
19:15 Abu Hakeem Lecture 3
20:40 Q&A Session (Abu Khadeejah/Abu Hakeem)
Sun. Oct. 12th
14:00 Telelink (TBA)
17:00 Abu Khadeejah Lecture 3
19:00 Abu Hakeem Lecture 4
20:30 Closing Advice/Q&A (Abu Hakeem & Abu Khadeejah)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Eeman Booster Series by Abu Abdillah Hassan as-Sumalee

eemaanbooster1) Be Mindful Of Allaah and Allaah will protect you

2) The Sweetnes Of Eemaan is Irrestible

3) Those whom Allaah loves

4) Which of the favours of your lord do you deny

5) Sins destroy nations

6) Fear the dunya(The Glamour of this world)

7) Save yourself from the hellfire

8) Explanation of the supplication to relieve Grief,Anxiety and Distress

details may be found here:

The Eeaman Builder Series "Some of the Greatest Women the Dunya Has Ever Seen...


The Eemaan Builder Series: Some Of The Greatest Women the Dunya Has Ever Seen

1) The Personality of the Muslim Women found in the stories of the Qur'aan:(HAWAA)

2) How Khadeejah consoled the Prophet during his first exposure to revelation

3) Aa'Ishah ,The Aalimah,The Sahaabiyah & The Mother Of the Believers

4) The Etiquettes Of A sister"Biography of Umm Salamah"

5) The Importance of family structure "Rumaysah Bint Milhan"

6) The Wife of Fir'awn"Asiyah":A remarkable example in the face of tyranny

Bonus Lecture:A Woman's quest to get her husband some advice[The benefits of the hadith of Salman al-Farsee & Abu Dardaa]

Author: Abu Zubayr Shadeed Muhammad

For further details

Rate Change Alert for Masjid Tawheed's 30 October - 1 November Event

The rate change specifically, in shaa Allaah, is a decrease in that the rate is now $350 for a room of 4, $400 for a rate of 5 , for inquiries please contact the Masjid directly: 570-821-1730

Sisters Upon Al-Istiqaamah

Muslim Women's status In Islâm | Shaykh Ibn Bâz (Rahimahullâh) credit: easyonetwothree youtube

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