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MPUBS AND ISLAM.TT PRESENT LIVE Weekly Online Class with Shaykh 'Ali ar-Razihi- Explanation of "Sufficiency in Creed" of Ibn Qudaamah al-Maqdisi




LIVE Weekly Online Class with Shaykh 'Ali ar-Razihi- Explanation of "Sufficiency in Creed" of Ibn Qudaamah al-Maqdisi inshaaAllaah

The Noble Shaykh 'Ali ibn Ahmad ar-Razihi (May Allaah Preserve Him), from the mashaayikh of Yemen, and a prominent student of Shaykh Muqbil ibn Hadi al-Wad'iee the revivor of Yemen (May Allaah have abundant mercy on him), will conduct a LIVE weekly class with Muwahhideen Publications in the explanation of the book, "Sufficiency in Creed" by Ibn Qudaamah al-Maqdisi. This class began on Sunday 23rd December, 2012 and continues every Sunday inshaaAllaah. The Shaykh is a teacher at Dar ul Hadeeth, Ma'bar, Yemen under the supervision of the honourable Shaykh Muhammad al-Imaam (May Allaah preserve him).

This session will also be broadcast in three Masaajid in Trinidad & Tobago and five Masaajid in the U.S. In Trinidad & Tobago: Masjid Ibn 'Abbaas, Tobago, Masjid ul Khaleefah and Masjid us Sunnah, and in the US: Masjid Al-Bukhaari, Florida, Masjid Uthaymeen, New Jersey, Masjid Nur-Allaah, New York, Masjid Ibn 'Abbas, Georgia, and Masjid Tawheed, Michigan

This class will be translated LIVE into English inshaaAllaah

The book to be studied is Lum'at-ul-'Itiqaad (Sufficiency in Creed) authored by Imaam Muwaffaq-ud-Deen Abu Muhammad 'Abdullaah ibn Ahmad Ibn Qudaamah al-Maqdisi (d.620 AH), May Allaah have mercy upon him, from the great scholars of the salaf us saalih (righteous predecessors) of this ummah (nation) from the 6th and 7th century. Ibn al-Jawzee (rahimahullaah) said about him, "Whoever sees him, then it is as if he has seen one of the companions." Also Imaam Ibnul Qayyim (rahimahullaah) said, "The saying of Shaykh ul Islaam Muwaffaq-ud-Deen Abu Muhammad 'Abdullaah ibn Ahmad al-Maqdisi, of whom all the groups of Islaam have agreed upon his acceptance, his excellence and his scholarship, except for the jahmiyyah or the mu'tilah..."

In this excellent book the Imaam gathered many of the core issues of 'aqeedah (creed; belief system) that is vital for the survival of any Muslim who wishes to tread the path of the salaf, from the correct belief regarding the names and attributes of Allaah, the proper belief in the Qadr (the decree), to the belief of Ahl Sunnah wal Jama'ah regarding the Sahabah (Companions), and much more.

Our teacher, Shaykh 'Ali ibn Ahmad ar-Razihi (hafidhahullaah) will explain this book for us in a manner that will make it palatable for all levels of Muslims to grasp and benefit inshaaAllaah

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